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CurricUSEARCH provides the ability to search its nationwide database of course
outlines from participating CurricUNET clients. This database contains 100% of
the approved course outlines of these member institutions.

CurricUSEARCH includes the following search options:

  • Nationwide (the default search)
  • By specified state
  • By institution within state, or combination of institutions within a state
  • By subject (for a specified institution)
  • By course number (for a specified institution)
  • By keyword (with Boolean operator capability - "and, or", etc.)
  • Combinations of the above

At present, CurricUSEARCH is limited to current CurricUNET clients, via verified
Entity, Username, and Password. If you are not a CurricUNET client and wish to
receive access privileges, please contact Governet.

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